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Your family deserves fresh, clean water straight from the tap! Now you can reap the benefits of chemical- and contaminant-free water with our filter installation services in Arlington, VA. The Plumbing Dr. is an authorized Pelican dealer, offering the industry’s premier whole house filtration products. Call us now at (703) 525-9280 to discuss your options.

Between chemical pollution, bacterial infestations, and leaking water pipes, there's no telling what might be in the water coming out of a tap. Home water filtration systems offer an answer to this problem. While there are several products and models to choose from, you need the system that is best for your home’s needs.

The Plumbing Dr. is proud to be an authorized Pelican dealer and offer quality water filtration systems for our customers throughout the Arlington area. Pelican systems are reliable, require limited routine maintenance, and deliver the peace of mind you need. They are considered the best systems on the market when it comes to keeping chemicals and contaminants out of your water supply.

Read on to learn how a Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter will solve your water impurity problems once and for all.

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There is chlorine in your coffee right now

In Arlington, and in every city around the country, a certain level of chlorine (in addition to other chemicals) is allowed in our water systems. This is done to ensure that our water is “safe.” But this is the same chlorine that you use when bleaching your laundry; the same chlorine that is in your pool. Right now the water you are cooking with, showering in, and drinking has chlorine in it.

If you are drinking your water straight from the tap, you could be exposed to an increased risk of health issues just from having chlorine in your body every day. Do you have children or pets? They are exposed to the same hash effects as well.

So what can you do about this? How can you drink from the tap, and let your children and pets drink water from your home, without having to worry about the harmful chemicals in the system?

The answer lies in Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Filters.

What is Pelican and how can it help your water filtration problems?

As Pelican authorized dealers, we can provide you with a trusted and safe solution to combat water impurities. Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Filters will address the harmful chemicals in your water, including chlorine and other contaminants, and you will never again have to struggle with the harsh effects of chemicals in your water supply.

There are four stages of protection under the Pelican System:

  • Stage 1: The 5-Micron Pre-Filter System reduces the level of sand, silt, sediment, and other debris in your water supply to five microns.
  • Stages 2 and 3: Your water is further treated through activated carbons. This process filters out not only chlorine but also pesticides, commercial solvents, and hundreds of other contaminants.
  • Stage 4: The Pelican Media Guard prevents bacteria and algae from reproducing.

The Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Filter will leave you with cleaner, crisper, and tastier water for all of your household needs. The 4-stage filtration process effectively removes sediment, chemicals, and other impurities, and the media guard stops bacteria from further developing. It cuts the problem at the source, so you can rest assured that your water will be safe for your family to enjoy straight from the tap.

What are the benefits of a Pelican system?

The Pelican products we offer are easy to use and maintain. In fact, there is virtually no routine work needed on your part to keep the system running.

  • The sediment filter only requires replacing every 6-9 months.
  • The eco-friendly carbon only needs to be changed out every five years. You change it out like you are emptying the garbage.

That’s it--that’s all there is to maintaining your Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter. It’s everything you want in healthy water without the hassle of weekly or monthly maintenance.

What else? What are the other benefits you can reap from this easy-to-use system?

  • Without all of the harsh chemicals in your water, your skin will feel much smoother and softer. The difference is amazing!
  • Softer and silkier hair is now possible. Since the damaging chlorine is now gone from your water supply, you can enjoy healthier hair after every shower.
  • No more money spent on bottled water. With the Pelican filtration system in place, your home’s tap water will taste better than the bottled water you’ve been buying in stores.
  • If you can’t live without coffee or tea, even better news! You don’t have to search for better tasting coffee or tea, because with your new Pelican water filtration system you can enjoy making your own drinks at home and have them taste like the top beverages from 5-star restaurants.

The health benefits of having a high-quality water filtration system are endless. At The Plumbing Dr. we can help you calculate, dollar for dollar, how much you can save per year with the Pelican Whole House System, allowing you to see just how cost effective it is for your long term peace of mind.

What would you do with the money you save every year? Where would you travel? It’s possible to achieve your goals just by updating your water filtration system. Let the team at The Plumbing Dr. help you not only enjoy better tasting water, but help you accomplish your goals as well through greater savings.

Call us now at (703) 525-9280 to discuss your needs and schedule an immediate appointment with one of our water filtration experts in Arlington, VA. The Plumbing Dr. will provide and install a new Pelican Whole House Water Filter for your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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