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Have you noticed your drains are draining too slowly? Do you experience frequent clogs? If you do not implement maintenance on your plumbing, you may need a professional to perform a full inspection. For assistance, call us at (703) 525-9280. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

One aspect of home ownership that many people tend to neglect is maintaining their plumbing system. Your plumbing plays a vital role in your comfort at home. When one component malfunctions, it could easily cause havoc in your life. Plumbing problems can cause damage to your home and wallet, but fortunately, they are easily avoidable.

When you suspect issues with your plumbing, call the experts at The Plumbing Dr. We are equipped with the proper tools and expertise to assist you in all of your plumbing needs. Our technicians can diagnose and treat issues of any severity. Allow us to become your dependable Reston plumber today.

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When should you consider water leak detection services?

Water leak detection services are greatly beneficial. Consider the following signs and contact us to schedule services today.

  • Cost. The cost of a leak can be high. You might suspect you have a leak somewhere in your pipes when you notice a sudden rise in your water bill as water constantly leaks into your home. If left unchecked, this leak will continue and your bill will remain high. A detection service will find the leak, so it can be fixed.

  • Damage. A leak in your pipes can cause a lot of damage quickly. If the pipe is behind a wall or under the floor, you could have expensive structural damage if the leak continues for any length of time. If a pipe bursts as the leak gets bigger, you could have major damage to household belongings.

  • Peace of mind. If you think you have a leak, this will cause you to worry about flooding and damage in your home. A water detection service will put your mind at ease. Even if there is a leak, a professional company will be able to locate the problem and fix it quickly.

Do you need professional drain cleaning?

If you smell something unpleasant coming from your sink and drains, it could be build up of dirt, trash, and other gunk. A professional drain cleaning service will protect you from a costly repair or emergency service for a clog.

If you notice a sink, tub, or shower draining slowly, it is time to have a professional drain cleaning to get all the gunk out of the pipe. If you do not have this done, pressure inside the pipe could cause a leak or a clog that require professional help to clear.

When does your gas line need repairs or a replacement?

Natural gas does not have a smell, but due to the dangers of a gas leak, the utility companies add the scent of bad eggs. When you smell this scent, call for emergency help right away. This means you have a leak  that requires immediate repairs. Gas can build up inside your home and became a serious threat. A hissing sound coming from one of your gas appliances or pipes is another sign that you might have a gas leak.

If your gas line’s pipes have become damaged due to tree roots growing the through the pipe or from soil shifting, then it is time for repairs. Furthermore, if your gas line was not properly installed the first time, it could lead to joint or connector problems that eventually lead to the need of repairs.

A licensed plumbing professional can help determine if replacing your gas line is the best alternative. Call us to schedule an immediate consultation.

Our team of plumbers are available to assist you 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you suspect any trouble with your plumbing or are seeking maintenance, call The Plumbing Dr today at (703) 525-9280.

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